Andrew’s Clubfoot Story

Hello my Andrew, and my right foot is a club foot. I am finding that unlike many others here, I recieved only one surgery and all preventitive measures ceased by the age of one.

I grew up poor, and ACCHS was a very difficult orginization to work through for my mother, but seeing as I learned to crawl despite the toe to hip cast she decided that I would be a man who could endure most anything. I was not told that I had anything wrong with me, poor and growing up in the city my musculature always stayed competitive with my normal leg, I was never ashamed of it, only aware of the pain I suffered due to it. Between ten and thirteen I attempted to play sports, and caused a massive ankle deformation that still plauges me to this day.

Now, at the age of twenty, my left leg is dynamically bigger, and the right side of body has actually dipped down about four inches and I have to worry about my ability to work on my feet and if I will be walking ten years from now. In the last seven years I have learned how to wrap my foot daily with ace bandages, a specific style of boot from a commercial company that I can only wear a pair for a year at a time. I apologize for my pessimistic contrast compared to the others, but it is my truth and all I know.

On the optimistic end, I have spent years in a traditional martial art and have become an adult with a very high tolerance for pain and discomfort. We can and do live with it.

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  1. Hey Andrew, I was born with clubbed feet and have extremely
    Skinny legs. How are your legs? Is your clubbed leg very skinny or were you able to train &a bulk your leg?

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