Acquired Clubfoot in 64 Year Old

Hi! I was born in 1955 with small feet and extremely high arches, especially in my right foot. Fast forward to 2015, when I fell, while sitting on a bike, sideways onto the concrete. I shattered my left hip and received a total hip replacement. After my unremarkable recovery, I began to develop severe right foot pain when walking. A right peroneal tendon repair surgery was done, but my foot continued to worsen. I have worn orthotic, ankle braces and hiking boots for support, but my foot now is a clubfoot. Podiatrists told me that surgery was not an option, but when the pain and difficulty in walking was quickly worsening, my nephew suggested I see an orthopedist. I believe the Lord led me to the right surgeon, and he sounds confident in what needs to be done.

I have surgery scheduled in 3&1/2 weeks. It will be an extensive three hour surgery with transfer of tendons and revision of my heel. I will be using a knee scooter for about three months.

I am apprehensive because the pain and recovery were much harder for my previous foot surgery compared to the THR, which was a piece of cake. However, I am so very thankful that now I should be able to walk in the future instead of being sentenced to a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

Has anyone out there also developed “Acquired Clubfoot” as an adult? Have you had surgery? If so, what was your experience? I have searched for more information, but there is a dearth of anything available to me.

Thanks for listening. God bless all of you courageous people!

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  1. 74 Year old..

    Parkinson’s has caused clubfoot in both feet. My left
    ends up with bleeding and damaged toes.

    Needless to say I can no longer go for long walks and
    even short walks cause these problems!

    Can special shoes be purchased to protect my toes ?

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