A Dane with a strain

Hi everyone, my name is Camilla, and I was born in 1996 in Denmark. I was born with a left club foot, which was discovered at birth. I was treated using the Copenhagen method, and that meant that from infancy I was seeing a physiotherapist around five times a week for 3 months, until I underwent surgery for the first time. At age 6 I had surgery again, which delayed my starting school, and then I was operated on again when I was 18 for an achilles tendon lengthening surgery.

In my case, I feel that I wasn’t really affected by my disability that much, until I reached the awkward teens and I noticed that I was different both in appearance and physically. I felt sad and that people didn’t really (and still don’t always) understand how much a club foot can affect you if you aren’t careful. In my experience I can’t stand for a long time without pain and soreness the next day and the same goes for walking/running etc. Despite my foot’s complaints I work out and do gymnastics, but I’m always cautious not to strain my foot to much.

Currently I feel that my disability can be accepted and adapted into a normal lifestyle of a girl my age, but I do fear for the future and how my problems will evolve.

I’ve never met anyone who had club feet before, so I’m thrilled to have discovered this website and I have loved reading all of your stories and struggles.


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  1. Camilla,
    I was born with sever, bilateral clubfeet almost 71 years afo. I had 12 surgies fro 3 mos.-12 yrs. I was enabled to walk, wearing “regular” shoes after my feet were turned completely around facing me. Please do not feel disabled. I was raised to do anything I wanted to try. Today, I am disabled by osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. I thought my 18 surgeries ended when my wisdom teeth were extracted at 17. I have now reached a total of 35. I am still able and I worked full-time as a speech-language pathologist for 37 yrs. I move differently, look different bent over and even shorter but I am still me. My heel chords were done 2x on left, 1x on right at about 8 yrs. It’s difficult to see the stares, hear the comments but try to focus on what’s best about you. I’m sure there is plenty.

    1. Karen you are a true inspiration and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your reply with us all today. Are you in the Uk? x

  2. Hello Camilla

    My name is Mark

    I was born in 1966 with a Right Club Foot and had surgery at 3 and a 1/2 years then calipers Eletric Therapy to try and stimulate my Right calf muscle to grow that Failed so more calipers to try and force my right foot to straighten.

    Then at age 10 i went to Queen Mary@s Hospital Carshatlton for experimental Surgery to correct my Club Foot it was Done by Mr Cong Limb I was the 1st in the UK to get this surgery Patient 0 and it worked after 6 monts in Plaster during 1976 Heat wave in the UK i was able to do physio and got the use of my right leg and am now 6 feet 5 tall.

    I still get tendon strains in the bottom of my right foot which feel like it is tearing but the DR”s do not want to mes with the surgery which gave me a hell straightened my foot and has allowed me to walk .

    1. Mark,
      With such height, I’d guess your Achille’s tendons/heel chores must need to be lengthened. Ideally, this would’ve been done in early childhood. I would look for a knowledgable orthopedist familiar with clubfeet to get an opinion if it can still be done surgically.
      I’m not familiar with calipers. I sense you may be from the UK, not the US. Tell me they did not attach & pull your leg! Too much extreme pain. The surgery was not. I had it done 2x on the left, 1x on the right leg. I think having one clubfoot must make it so difficult to adjust, like wearing one hearing aid adjusted to match the other ear in acuity. (I’m a retired speech-language pathologist. 37 yrs. In public schools.) I wear 2 hearing aids. Good luck. I hope you find a solution that brings pain management or relief.

  3. Hello Camilla
    My name is Sara and i am 47 years old.
    I was born with a right club foot and finally at 13 years of age the operations stopped.
    Sadly due to naivety i ignored instructions to wear certain orthotic’s and footwear. And my leg is 1 1/2 inch shorter so in my earlier 40s i started to suffer with my hips and knees. After alot of wasted money and different clinics and orthotics i am finally now wear the right orthotic but i struggle BADLY with footwear.
    I just wanted to say……………it sounds like you are taking care of your foot as much as you can.
    And i know that pain you feel after a day on your feet. Its now agony.
    I would love any ideas of footwear if anyone can recommend some? x

    1. Sara, I think you do not live in the U.S. But perhaps in your country, they have podiatrist’s who make plaster impressions of your feet used to make shoes just for you, molded shoes. At about your age, I stopped wearing “regular” shoes and had molds made and 3 prs. Of shoes. They are comfortable when new but my 2nd set are over 25 yrs., uncomfortable. I can no longer find someone to make new molds and order from a company. Don’t be naive as I was. I didn’t realize they would look just like ME! I cried the first time. They were not Madel well. The others were. I’ve re-soled them . Good luck.several times.

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