53 and In Pain But Not Slowing Me Down

Hello mine is a good thing bad thing story. I had my first surgery on my left foot before I was one year old, wore the braces and the special shoes – boy that doesn’t win you friends. I hated gym class they seemed to call me out all the time, like making a point of telling me in front of everyone I could wear socks when everyone else was barefoot. I have my last surgery when I was eight. That basically corrected what could be corrected but my foot stopped growing so it’s about 3 inches shorter than the other foot, but we compensate don’t we?

As I got older it was discovered by leg was also shorter, which the dr. thought I should wear a lift for, big mistake, my body had already compensated for it and I have terrible back spasms. The first 40 years of my life were pretty uneventful, I always worried something would happen to my right foot because I knew my left foot could not handle being the dominant foot.

Around 45 or so the pain started getting pretty bad, not constant just extreme pain which would come at random times when I stood up and sometimes just walking along. Felt like bone against bone with a nerve in between. I also discovered running. I love to run but I can only do it on my treadmill uneven surfaces are not my friend. Short foot makes terrible balance issues. Then the pain got worse, not from the running I don’t think, it’s just the progression. One thing I discovered that has made a world of difference is running barefoot. My foot goes where it wants and hits the strides the way a foot is supposed to. You can look up barefoot running on the internet. I’ve also found as this pain has become intolerable of late that barefoot as much as possible is best, although it’s currently below zero so the other thing is making sure my foot does not move around in my show-think socks. Still shoes hurt. It looks like my left foot is curving more also. Still I run. Running is easy, walking hurts. I want to keep running, it’s just hard knowing at some point I will have to stop.

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  1. Ruth, I’m late responding as Jan. Flew by. I think it’s much more difficult to have 1 clubfoot than 2 that relatively match. I’m 71. Had sever bilateral clubfeet, 12-14 surgeries at 3 mos.-12 yrs., special shoes, bar between feet at nt. I was fortunate, no gym, no teasing, questions, comments until I worked at 23. My 1st. Students never said a word, my last had questions about molded shoes I moved to around mid-40s. Strangers asked questions. 1 child asked, “what are you?” I realized after a while he meant child or adult. I’m short & now hunched over. Condensed vertebrae, rheum. Arth. & osteoporosis. 35 surgeries total for many things. Yes, we adapt, keep going. Get a 2nd opinion, might help. Feet do change, lost a staple!, walking more on side of left foot than ever before. Maybe I need an orthotic. Can no longer find someone to make new molds, order shoes. Podiatrist retired, his son doesn’t do them. Good luck!

  2. I’m 52 and can’t run to save my life. Had surgery in July and four screws put in to bring bones back together; they were sliding to the side fit some reason. Also had torn ligament.
    I’m happy for you to be able to run and hope it lasts a long time because you enjoy it so much. I’ve come to terms with walking slowly and carefully because I fall over do easily. I would write more but can’t.

    1. Hi Julie, you’re lucky I can’t run to save my life I have no give in my foot to run. I am fifty two. Had tendon lengthened at age three and fourteen and until six months ago have been pretty non symptomatic. Six months ago my foot, heel, ankle became extremely painful. I went to the GP who thought I might a foot stress fracture So I had a bone scan and it showed no fracture but congenital foot disorder and severe arthritis in both feet. Now am going back to surgeon to book Reconstruction surgery of my ankle and foot. Has anyone on this site had reconstruction surgery as I am very nervous . I would love to hear from anyone who has had reconstruction as an adult

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