37 year old – Right sided Clubfoot – Storytime

Gday Guys & Gals, I hope you all are doing well.

My name is Rob, I’m 37 and live in Australia.

I was born with a Clubfoot on my right side & have lived quite a normal life honestly, I was operated on at 3 months old, had regular check-ups until I was maybe 10 years old.

I have next to no up and down movement in my ankle but have decent mobility in the toes.

I have a huge size difference in feet, left is a size 9 and right is a size 6 – also huge difference in calf size.

As a kid you don’t really know what’s happening with the doctor visits etc, and you don’t realize you’re so different.

I had no issues as a child, playing sport (soccer/football) at quite a decent level until dislocating my left knee at the age of 16 really badly. I ran I jumped I excelled at athletics and all was good it seemed. As I got older, early teen years, I got more and more self-conscious about my “peg leg” as it was known, and all it took was a few nasty comments from other kids to then make me not want to wear shorts again ever!

I wore a reverse padded shin guard playing soccer to try to hide the fact my leg was so skinny. I wore pants on the hottest of days and generally disliked my leg for the attention it caused.

Even now at the age of 37, I still try to hide it when I can and hate having people ask “ wtf happened to your leg?” Or “ why is your leg so skinny.” “ chicken legs” ( people can be so mean & thoughtless )

So many people have never heard of a Clubfoot, as I’ve read in some of your stories, we are the Clubfoot messengers it seems.

I returned to sports at the age of 21, after a few years of being a rebellious teenager. I instantly had a lot more pain, a day or two of severe limping would follow any sporting activities, my fitness slowly returned but that pain always remained. Kicking a ball slightly wrong or jarring of my right ankle would result in me having to leave the field, it was around this time I knew my Clubfoot was going to give me strife for life.

I attempted playing basketball, ouch!! Twice a week chiropractor visits were needed to complete two seasons before I hung up the Air Jordan’s for good. Too harsh on the ankles. I remained playing soccer, indoor and out, and I would deal with the pain.

I moved from the state of Victoria to sunny Western Australia at the age of 26, I stopped playing sport and begun working in the hospitality industry. I worked long days/nights always on my feet and would be left limping around at the end of shifts, and was forever getting new shoes and trying different styles to help the ankle pain.
Most of my life I’ve just bought size 9 shoes and worn an extra sock on my right foot. More cost-effective you know. 12-14 hour shifts would nearly have me in tears at times, but I hated showing that my foot hampered my life and any weakness.

I have never worn orthotics ( wish I had now ) I have never been back for check-ups etc..

I am still in the hospitality industry, managing a bar & restaurant within a Resort in the most amazing place in Australia, Coral Bay. It is a very and I mean very remote location. Recently I began playing soccer again here with a bunch of local lads, and my god, did I pull up sore, struggled to walk for days after an hour or so kick about. Then the back issues started, I am having severe back issues/pain in my lower back, mainly left hip/pelvis area. Had to take time off work a few times as I was unable to put a sock, walk or get out of bed.

I am currently experiencing this again, after twisting to answer someone in the supermarket. I am struggling to find help as no one takes it seriously. Oh, you have back pain, heat pack and ibuprofen and rest. Nooo, I want to get some scans as this is happening all too often. Do any of you guys suffer from twisted pelvis / lower back pain etc..?

I can see my hip on the right is lower. And the chiropractor that came to town wouldn’t even treat me as she was worried she could do more damage, she said I have a badly twisted pelvis.

I wish now I had taken more care of my body growing up. So many things become a struggle, and living in daily pain isn’t fun for anyone.

I was saddened reading some of your stories on here, I’ve never come across a page like this before. Thank you all for sharing your stories. We are a special bunch, but we are all in this together.

Any advice on pain relief and back issues etc would be great. Peace love and happiness to you all.

Thank you


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