26 born with both clubfeet

I was born with bilateral clubfeet. Both of my feet were facing inwards. When I was born they were already working on my feet I was put into wrap up casts, when I got a little older I had braces.

In 2005 I had my first foot surgery I was in a wheelchair for a while that one was a success my first foot doctor name was Doctor Michelle Klaumann she corrected my right foot but something went wrong with my left foot. Then in 2009, I had my last foot surgery for my left foot by Doctor Steven Howell I have a couple of screws in the left foot they don’t bother me one in my ankle and one in my heel. I can finally now put my heel down. I can walk normally when I walk my left foot turns inwards. Now I wear a leg brace it doesn’t bother me, I’m used to it.

I sometimes get upset about how my feet turned out. I made it through a lot of challeges when I was born I made it through all of it has a success.

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