22 year old welder

Hello. First I wanna say how tear jerking this website is for me. I grew up thinking in the only person in the world who had this awful defect. But reading these stories has given me a sense of hope.

I had severe bilateral clubfoot and was treated by a doctor in LA California. Who performed major surgery extending my Achilles tendon and bones in both feet. Unfortunately I got an infection and 3rd degree burn from that doctor and my parents found The Shriners. These doctors performed surgery 7 times to correct the clubfoot. And for the most part they did an amazing job.

The problem I’m running into later on my life is standing in one place, or walking on concrete for long periods of time. Its become an issue with my line of work as a welder I need to maintain some sort of walking ability. Time will tell I suppose, but I really just thought this website was a real inspiration for me. Thank you

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