20 and in agony (at times)

Hi, my name’s James, I have never met anyone else with a club foot other than me, I am so glad to have found this page to read it’s not just me who has and does suffer from this.

My situation is that I have a left clubbed foot which was treated when I was 2, I had a 3 surgeries on this the first to pull the foot around, the second to lengthen and replace the tendon and the third to try and make it straight, after this I had braces then on to special shoes, I always wanted blue shoes apparently, I don’t personally remember the shoes. After all that everything seemed perfectly fine yeah my foot was still a little crooked and yeah it was half a size smaller than the other, but I could walk run and jump perfectly fine.

Come a few years later at 16 all seemed fine and it was my final visit to alder hey children’s hospital and I was given the green light all was fine all looked fine (I never thought it looked fine the front half of my foot was wrong) they said if anything happens before 18 come back but nothing did.

Not long after I was 18 I engaged on my Duke of Edinburgh expedition 2 days hiking the first half of the first day went well made good time, but not long after lunch problems arrived my left foot was in agony I had overdone it and with 3 hours of walking left I took what painkillers I had at the time and carried on with a big branch as a walking stick.

I did make it through my Duke of Edinburgh and even have a certificate for it but it came with a price the week after it I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk on it properly and for the first two nights, I didn’t sleep. After the week it did die down but my foot was never the same I couldn’t go long at all without it hurting,

I used to be quite outgoing and did quite a bit of exercise but after 18 I couldn’t, I stopped going the gym I put on quite a bit of weight.

Now at 20, I have gotten sick of it being like this so I decided to do something about it. So I tried to go the doctors but my doctor is no good they don’t want to see anyone I got a phone appointment 2 months in advance, I couldn’t wait that long.

I took action going to a walk-in centre and what do they do look at it for less than a minute didn’t look at my records and I don’t even think they knew what a club foot was, they gave me some strong painkillers and antibiotics what a joke the NHS is!

Eventually, I get to talk to my doctor on the phone and they see my case is bad and invite me in the next week as an emergency they see me and refer me to the specialist instantly.

I go to Dr. Toh the orthopaedic foot specialist and he sends me for Xrays and then tells me my foot is the completely wrong shape that part which I mentioned didn’t look right was wrong! He gave me 2 options and said we will try one then the other.

Option 1: insoles for my shoes to try to push everything back into place

Option 2: a surgery to release and move the tendon and realign my bones in my foot which would be a massive operation would have me off my feet for 6-10 months.

So I have now got the insoles and had them for 4 weeks and I can see a difference I can walk for longer and do more but the shape of my foot isn’t changing and if I don’t wear the insoles I would say it even feels worse at times.

Just yesterday I was coming down the stairs no shoes on and my foot hurt badly instant jolt of agonising pain and I nearly fell down the stairs.

I’m not sure what to do, I’m scared of the operation, I’m scared of my foot just getting worse and worse, in total I’m terrified.

If anyone has any advise or help please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me. Currently, the only way I can think of trying to help my foot is to lose weight and swimming but I am struggling to lose weight which I need to do either way.

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  1. I’m a active club foot guy left foot I’m 51 now so I have seen a lot the only thing that helps me is good shoes and yes the correct insoles
    I use Sofsol neutral arch (green) it takes time for your foot to adjust months and be prepared to replace them and your shoes often Good Luck and PS I would not get another surgery I have not ever found a doctor who really understands club foot

  2. Great story James. I don’t have clubfeet but my best mate did have. I always helped and was interested in his feet, shoes etc. and we were very close mates. He is now 51 and had two children, one of each, but of whom have clubfeet. There lots of boys, especially, out there that keep their clubfeet as secret as possible. I have tried to start chat groups etc., for such people but never have had any takers. Don’t despair James, you are not alone

    1. I’m 18 currently and I’ve also have had 3 surgeries for my right foot, unfortunately I don’t know much about the relocation of tendons but they had the snip my Achilles a couple of times in one surgery, I know exactly what you mean any kind of extended exercise or activity leaves my foot in agony for days, just wanted you to know that your not alone I hope it works out for you.

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