16 And Living with Club Foot

I’ve always wanted to share my story and here some people might actually understand it. I’m only 16 and I’ve had 9 surgeries trying to correct my club foot (affecting my left foot and leg) as well as the other damages it has caused. I’m looking at at least 3 more within the next couple years.

When I was born my doctors tried to correct the birth defect with casting and when there was no change by the time I was 7 months old my doctors decided to do surgery. They corrected my foot but my ankle fused itself and now I think I only have maybe 5% or 10% movement in the ankle. I do have bad arthritis in my ankle and join in my foot and will most likely have to permanently fuse the ankle in the very near future.

I do wish I could run and do sports, even march with the rest of my marching band but I can’t do so without being in pain for the next few days, barely able to any walk. I’m glad I’m not alone in this world and I feel bad for all of you who suffer like me.

Stay strong everyone!

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  1. Are you male or female? I saw a lad in town only this week, could only have been your age, with very severe bilateral clubfeet. He was wearing trainers and had very badly twisted ankles. Do people still ‘fall through the net’ so to speak and become a statistic?

  2. Dear 16 yr. Old,
    It is late for mor surgery bu it sounds necessary. Having fused ankles provides them with support. Clubfoot is an ankle joint difference that affects legs also. I’m sure a lot has changed since iAd 14 surgeries in the ’40s & ’50s. See an ortho you trust, have I’m/her explain. By now, they should. Years ago, they did not. I hope you get a good explanation & treatment.good luck. Don’t let your feet define you, what you do in life. There is much more to you

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