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CBM International:

The cbm Forgotten Child Sponsorship program focuses on children with a disability – kids too often forgotten – by national health and educational programs, by their communities and too often by other development programs. In poor communities, disability creates immense hardship. Rescue a Forgotten Child TODAY! Many parents simply cannot cope, they are ashamed of their disabled child so they lock them away, hidden in a dark room at the back of a hut, forgotten. The Forgotten Children Rescue Fund has been set up to extend medical care to these children. This boy, Kokaf, has received the surgery and treatment needed to correct his bilateral clubfeet thanks to his sponsor!

$30 per month is the most effective way to address the immediate and long-term needs of your sponsored child. Children with clubfeet and many other fully treatable disabilities are waiting for someone like you to sponsor their treatment. As a cbm Forgotten Child Sponsor, your gifts are working in the poorest countries, where up to 80% of children with a disability will die without help.

You are helping to straighten children’s limbs. You are restoring sight. Deaf children hear. Children rejected because of their disability are being welcomed into school. You are helping to improve their lives forever.

Child Sponsorship – Canada

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CURE International

CURE International has announced a partnership with the International Ponseti Association based at the University of Iowa to standardize training and treatment protocols using the Ponseti Method. The goal is to create a treatment network in each country that can raise awareness about the deformity, train nationals to perform simple, corrective casting procedures and provide funding for poor children who have no ability to afford treatment. The goal of the partnership is to Cure Clubfoot Worldwide. Support CURE International. Cure International and CBM are partner organizations working together to help children with disabilities.

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