Donate Used Orthotics

This site began when I learned of the need for used orthotics in Papua New Guinea. The Orthotics department at Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital started collecting used items that I then passed on to Hope and Healing Stouffville office for shipping to their International projects. You can donate your used orthotics directly.

Donate used orthotics to Hope and Healing:

In Uganda and Papua New Guinea they are utilizing used AFO’s.

“We accept that it isn’t ideal to recycle AFO’s but there is no local skill for making custom splints. So it’s a matter of having enough pre-loved AFO’s to find one to fit the required foot. The kids are actually lucky if they get a pair of shoes to help maintain position.”

Please mail items to:

Used Orthotics for PNG
Mingende Rural Hospital
P.O. Box 189
Kundiawa, Simbu Province
Papua New Guinea


Hope and Healing
Children’s Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Project
P.O. Box 40375,
Kampala, Uganda

* Mark the box as “A gift of used  medical splints of no value.”

Other organizations accepting donations:

  • Miracle Feet will make sure your braces reach needy children at our partner clinics all over the world that provide free treatment for low income children and other miraclefeet partner clinics
  • Healing Hands for Haiti
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