Congenital Talipes Equinovarus
Clubfoot Stories

Living with Club Feet

I was born with a very severe case of club feet. I had surgeries for my feet at about 2-4 months of being born. Since I was a child, I always knew that something wasn’t quite right. I am currently

71 years of Bilateral Clubfeet

I was born with severe bilateral clubfeet turned toward my face. I had 12-14 surgeries 3 mo’s. -12 yrs., 1946-1958, no Ponseti method but quite successful both ankles are fused for stability. I lived a charmed life in the ’50s

Overcoming Clubfoot and its Complications

Hi everyone, My name is Mitchell and I’m an 18 year old who has clubfoot. I was born in 1999, and born with a right clubfoot. I had a surgery when I was an infant and again at around 6

Never Give Up

Hi, my name is Eloise and I was born with talipes in both of my feet. I have had multiple operations, and I was in and out of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London from birth until the age of

Anthony’s Clubfoot Story

My son, Anthony, was born with clubfoot on his left foot.  I knew at 20 weeks pregnancy during an ultrasound that there was a chance he would be born with clubfoot. At 6 days old, Anthony was seen by a

29-year old Male With Left Clubfoot

Hi everyone! I’m a male from New Zealand and was born in 1987 with a left clubfoot. I’ll keep this as concise as possible… I had two surgeries as an infant, and another two at twelve and thirteen years old

My Story as an Eighteen Year Old Girl Athlete

I was born in 1998 with two severe cases of club foot. After birth I had corrective casts for six months, then a little after six months I had corrective bone surgery on both of my feet and ankles. The

sport sport and more sport

Hi all, I am a 58 year old male born with Talipes in both feet…bummer! I had casting and wore night plasters for the first 14 years of my life, along with nightly physio that my parents gave me (forever

Bilateral Clubfoot (Born 1989)

I appreciate everyone in this group who has shared their clubbed foot journey. Hearing the stories of others has helped me a lot. Figured now would be a good time to share my own: I was born with bilateral clubbed

67 yr old with left club foot – now facing fusion

I am 67 yrs old. I was casted for first 10 years, and at age 13 and 18, I had an achilles lengthening and planters release surgery (failures). At age 34, I had a radical osteotomy (failed). Until age 34

clubfoot growing up

I have one clubfoot ( right ) when I was young I never wore shorts, dresses or skirts because of how it made me feel and look—not like a normal body. I was teased a lot in school because of how I walked so

My clubfoot story

I was born with a left clubfoot in 1984. I am now 33 years old. When I was young, I don’t ever remember it bothering me, apart from having to walk on my tip toes! I started to have problems when I was 19

53 and In Pain But Not Slowing Me Down

Hello mine is a good thing bad thing story. I had my first surgery on my left foot before I was one year old, wore the braces and the special shoes – boy that doesn’t win you friends. I hated

On going journey

Once I was born from that moment began a life long journey with many struggles. I am 24 about to be 25 and I have undergone 12 surgeries. I am about to have my 13th in a week and a

A Dane with a strain

Hi everyone, my name is Camilla, and I was born in 1996 in Denmark. I was born with a left club foot, which was discovered at birth. I was treated using the Copenhagen method, and that meant that from infancy

My Clubfoot Journey, Sports, MMA & Champion Bodybuilder.

Hey everyone, my names Zachary Bordato & I reside in Canada. I’m currently 24 years old and this is my story… I was born with severe club foot on both legs, each one of my ankles and calves are extremely

Caroline’s Story

My name is Caroline, I’m eighteen years old, and I was born with club feet. My Mother tells me that as soon as I came into this world, the entire hospital room came to a silent halt. They told her

Clubfoot Adventures

Hi my name is Jon age 34 (2016) i was born with Club feet, rectified over several operations til the age of 7, one leg is still clubbed, severely skinny with muscle wastage and causes pain discomfort etc, I share

Will it get worse?

I’m not exactly looking for horror stories, I am just curious about other people’s experiences on this site. My name is Alex, I recently just turned 20 and I have bilateral talipes. When I was just a few hours old

Bilateral Clubfoot Boomer

Hello, my name is Darrell and I just discovered this website, I am glad it is available to read. I was born in 1958(Baby Boomer), with bilateral clubfoot in a small CA town. The hospital was ill equipped to handle