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Clubfoot Stories

Anthony’s Clubfoot Story

My son, Anthony, was born with clubfoot on his left foot.  I knew at 20 weeks pregnancy during an ultrasound that there was a chance he would be born with clubfoot. At 6 days old, Anthony was seen by a

29-year old Male With Left Clubfoot

Hi everyone! I’m a male from New Zealand and was born in 1987 with a left clubfoot. I’ll keep this as concise as possible… I had two surgeries as an infant, and another two at twelve and thirteen years old

My Story as an Eighteen Year Old Girl Athlete

I was born in 1998 with two severe cases of club foot. After birth I had corrective casts for six months, then a little after six months I had corrective bone surgery on both of my feet and ankles. The

sport sport and more sport

Hi all, I am a 58 year old male born with Talipes in both feet…bummer! I had casting and wore night plasters for the first 14 years of my life, along with nightly physio that my parents gave me (forever

Bilateral Clubfoot (Born 1989)

I appreciate everyone in this group who has shared their clubbed foot journey. Hearing the stories of others has helped me a lot. Figured now would be a good time to share my own: I was born with bilateral clubbed

67 yr old with left club foot – now facing fusion

I am 67 yrs old. I was casted for first 10 years, and at age 13 and 18, I had an achilles lengthening and planters release surgery (failures). At age 34, I had a radical osteotomy (failed). Until age 34

clubfoot growing up

I have one clubfoot ( right ) when I was young I never wore shorts, dresses or skirts because of how it made me feel and look—not like a normal body. I was teased a lot in school because of how I walked so

My clubfoot story

I was born with a left clubfoot in 1984. I am now 33 years old. When I was young, I don’t ever remember it bothering me, apart from having to walk on my tip toes! I started to have problems when I was 19

53 and In Pain But Not Slowing Me Down

Hello mine is a good thing bad thing story. I had my first surgery on my left foot before I was one year old, wore the braces and the special shoes – boy that doesn’t win you friends. I hated

On going journey

Once I was born from that moment began a life long journey with many struggles. I am 24 about to be 25 and I have undergone 12 surgeries. I am about to have my 13th in a week and a

A Dane with a strain

Hi everyone, my name is Camilla, and I was born in 1996 in Denmark. I was born with a left club foot, which was discovered at birth. I was treated using the Copenhagen method, and that meant that from infancy

My Clubfoot Journey, Sports, MMA & Champion Bodybuilder.

Hey everyone, my names Zachary Bordato & I reside in Canada. I’m currently 24 years old and this is my story… I was born with severe club foot on both legs, each one of my ankles and calves are extremely

Caroline’s Story

My name is Caroline, I’m eighteen years old, and I was born with club feet. My Mother tells me that as soon as I came into this world, the entire hospital room came to a silent halt. They told her

Clubfoot Adventures

Hi my name is Jon age 34 (2016) i was born with Club feet, rectified over several operations til the age of 7, one leg is still clubbed, severely skinny with muscle wastage and causes pain discomfort etc, I share

Will it get worse?

I’m not exactly looking for horror stories, I am just curious about other people’s experiences on this site. My name is Alex, I recently just turned 20 and I have bilateral talipes. When I was just a few hours old

Bilateral Clubfoot Boomer

Hello, my name is Darrell and I just discovered this website, I am glad it is available to read. I was born in 1958(Baby Boomer), with bilateral clubfoot in a small CA town. The hospital was ill equipped to handle

Clubfoot and trying…

Hi, My name is Lisa. I was born 22nd June 1988 with both feet affected by clubfoot as shown in the photo. As soon as I was born I had a lot of operations straightening my legs and feet, one

Physically Active with Clubfeet

I was born on July 5th, 1991 with bilateral talipes. I have no memories of the surgery, but my parents kept the casts and I can remember my mom explaining the process of having the feet corrected. When I was


Thank you, Ruth, for creating this site. I can see that you have offered a space for so many people to feel heard. Tears run down my cheeks as I read each story and understand the loneliness of so many

Still fighting

I was born in 1976 with bilateral club foot, I was able to be “corrected” with casting and braces. And of course remember none of it. My adolescence was normal, I participated in sports and lived a normal life, until