Congenital Talipes Equinovarus
Clubfoot Stories

14 and fighting the odds

We found out that my daughter had clubfoot at birth. Everyone was quiet and we were panicking that something was wrong with her. Once they explained it we started making a plan. The first doctor we saw said that she

My life of pain…

I am a 40-year-old woman who was born in 1978 with a right club foot. I was casted and wore shoes with the big metal rods between them. I also had surgery. I have an artificial heel, and heel cord.

Does it get better?

Hi everyone. My name is Leanne and I was born with bilateral clubbed feet in 1989. I had a surgery at six months old. According to my mom the surgeons over corrected my feet. I walk slightly on my ankles

Madonna’s story

Hi everyone. My name is Madonna. I was born in 1979 with very, very severe bilateral clubfeet. My feet were turned in, over to where the bottoms of my feet faced my face, and the inside of each big toe

Life with clubfoot and the struggle

I am 25 years old, and I was born with bilateral clubfoot. I did not really understand how I was different from others until I got into elementary school. Our family kept it as a secret from me, I guess

My Left Clubfoot

Hey guys, I’m 33 years old with a left clubfoot. I have had 14 operations from birth to about when I was 14. I have always had pain in my foot and leg but I lead a normal life doing

Janis’s clubfoot story

My name is Janis and I was born with this terrible bilateral clubfeet. My left foot is almost normal but my right foot never got fixed. As a child, I was teased by the other kids for being different and

SJ 23 and living with pain

I had my last surgery in 2006, 11-12 years ago, I would like to say ever since I have been fine but its not true, I have hypersensitivity on the outside edge of my foot and if I sit in

I’m 23 and in constant pain

Hi, I’m Daniel and I’ve got clubfoot with my right foot being the only one affected. I’ve had a total of four surgeries with only the initial position correction working efficiently. My big toe was also fused together so it

16 And Living with Club Foot

I’ve always wanted to share my story and here some people might actually understand it. I’m only 16 and I’ve had 9 surgeries trying to correct my club foot (affecting my left foot and leg) as well as the other

Never let the club get you down

Hello, My names Sean and I’ve been born with bi-lateral club feet. I have had four surgeries on each foot which I’m very lucky to be able to say. I struggled for most of my life living in excruciating pain.

Clubfoot Questions

My name is Sarah and I am 34 years old. I was born with severe bilateral clubfoot. I had surgery on both feet before I was a year old. Then I was in casts for a year. I learned to

They called me Prancer

I was born in 1968 with clubbed feet. I have seen pictures of myself with a brace between by feet, and know that casts were used when I was an infant to try to correct them. I never had any

I Want To Be The Master Of My Own Body

ClubFoot Club huh? Got a nice ring to it I suppose. I’ve never really considered the idea of a community of people with the same inborn differences coming together in this kind of way to help love and support one

Bilateral Talipes Questions (Pain down the outsides of both feet)

Hello everyone. I’m 22 and was born with Bilateral Talipes. Just wanted to ask some questions. Does anyone suffer from pain due to the width of their feet? I think wide feet is quite a common trait in babies/adults with

20 and in agony (at times)

Hi, my name’s James, I have never met anyone else with a club foot other than me, I am so glad to have found this page to read it’s not just me who has and does suffer from this. My situation

My life long battle with a club foot

Hi, I was born with a club foot back in 1969 and had 7 operations to try and correct things before I was 10 years old. Throughout my school days right the way up until I left in 1985 I

Luke’s Clubfeet Story

My name is Luke, and I am a 14-year-old boy. It has been hard through life trying to be good at sports like my dad. Because of Clubbed feet, people used to make fun of me for not being able

Finally I can tell my story

I’m 56 – and finally ready to share my stories with others like me, as well as a bunch of strangers. I hope this is not too long and boring. When I was 3 in 1963, my parent knew there

59 yr old needing surgery again after 56 years.

Hi All, I am 58-year-old female and very fortunate but after all these years that my clubfoot has become difficult & painful. The ankle is falling over more, to where I’m afraid I’ll be walking on the ankle bone itself.