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Clubfoot Stories

ExoSyms helped me!

Hi all, my name is Nin. I just want to tell you all about my experience with clubfoot. I had issues from birth as all you did. My kneecaps would dislocate all my life up until 25 years old, when

My right foot I was born with a clubfoot!

I was a couple days old when I had my first surgery. Then had one every 6 months total of 19 operations I had. I still get pain in my right foot. My foot is half size shorter than my left. I

A Life with Bilateral Clubfoot

Hi everyone, I hope that this message finds you happy and content. I was born in 1983 with very severe bilateral clubfoot. My parents were two working class people in their early twenties and I was their first child 9

Acquired Clubfoot in 64 Year Old

Hi! I was born in 1955 with small feet and extremely high arches, especially in my right foot. Fast forward to 2015, when I fell, while sitting on a bike, sideways onto the concrete. I shattered my left hip and

My Story — so far.

I’ve always felt so weird reaching out to groups on the internet about this. but Hey! I’ve suffered with severe bilateral CTEV all my life and both feet did turn in about 180-200 degrees. From birth I barely had any

My husband was born with club feet.

My husband was born with club feet in the fifties.. He is a twin. Now at age 62 he has had a year of pain. the pain is alleviated a little bit with his new orthotic shoes. but, what can

Bitten by an escaped snake!

I was born with bilateral talipes in 1960. In later life, my mother told me she was convinced she had taken morning sickness tablets containing the drug thalidomide. Which was known to cause birth defects. I had surgeries at ages

Triple Arthrodesis in a 17 year old boy

Hello my son was born in 2002 with severe clubfeet. They turned completely in. At 8 months of age after 7 months of casting which did not work he had surgery to correct the feet at Denver children’s hospital. My

Monica & a Left Clubfoot

Hello my name is Monica. I am 45 years old, and I was born with a left club foot. I am from Colombia, and now I live in Las Vegas. I was treated with casting and seven surgeries. I am

Dealing with a club foot as an adult

Just over a year ago I was referred to a physio after complaining to my GP about pains in my left foot and noticing a wobble when I walked. The physio started the examination by asking me if I knew

Born with severe bilateral talipes

I’m so glad there’s a page on this! Hi I’m 32 next month and I was born with severe bilateral talipes both feet turn in touching the inside of my ankles.. I had an operation done on them to correct

Reoccurrence of a club foot at 60 years old

My name is Suzanne and I was born in 1950 with bi-lateral club feet. Immediately having casts with the bar inbetween my legs I was treated until I was three. Then came the years of the ugly brown man looking

An active life with club feet

I’m 48 year old male born in 1970 with bilateral club feet when the first started doing the Ponseti method. I have had only the castings, the Achilles’ tendon lengthening, and the metal bars with the shoes when I was

14 and fighting the odds

We found out that my daughter had clubfoot at birth. Everyone was quiet and we were panicking that something was wrong with her. Once they explained it we started making a plan. The first doctor we saw said that she

My life of pain…

I am a 40-year-old woman who was born in 1978 with a right club foot. I was casted and wore shoes with the big metal rods between them. I also had surgery. I have an artificial heel, and heel cord.

Does it get better?

Hi everyone. My name is Leanne and I was born with bilateral clubbed feet in 1989. I had a surgery at six months old. According to my mom the surgeons over corrected my feet. I walk slightly on my ankles

Madonna’s story

Hi everyone. My name is Madonna. I was born in 1979 with very, very severe bilateral clubfeet. My feet were turned in, over to where the bottoms of my feet faced my face, and the inside of each big toe

Life with clubfoot and the struggle

I am 25 years old, and I was born with bilateral clubfoot. I did not really understand how I was different from others until I got into elementary school. Our family kept it as a secret from me, I guess

My Left Clubfoot

Hey guys, I’m 33 years old with a left clubfoot. I have had 14 operations from birth to about when I was 14. I have always had pain in my foot and leg but I lead a normal life doing

Janis’s clubfoot story

My name is Janis and I was born with this terrible bilateral clubfeet. My left foot is almost normal but my right foot never got fixed. As a child, I was teased by the other kids for being different and