Congenital Talipes Equinovarus

Colouring Page – “Blueberry” The Clubfoot Club Bear

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Sick feet Dr. Seuss Colouring Page

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Poem: I Like to Walk in Circles

I like to walk in circles. Or, maybe in a square. It does not matter at all if people stop and stare. I could walk a zig-zag. That could be quite fun. Or the shape of a star– that’s hard.

Song: Do Your Big Feet Smell?

(sing to the tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”) Do your big feet smell? Do your dirty socks as well? When you’re playing with your friends here’s a certain way to tell: If they’re pointing at your sneaker and

Poem: Trying to Touch My Nose (with my toes)

by Ruth Martin-Maude My Mother said, “You shouldn’t” Dad said, “You might fall” my Brother bet I couldn’t I said, “I’ll show you all” I steadied on my right bent my left leg at the knee and lifted up my

Poem: Stinky Feet

by Shirlee Curlee Bingham I free my feet from tennis shoes, it feels so cool and fine. But as I tread across the room, I leave a scent behind. I love it when I take them off, the air feels

Poem: My Foot Fell Asleep

by Kenn Nesbitt My foot fell asleep right inside of my shoe from sitting around having nothing to do. It hadn’t drank warm milk nor tried to count sheep; it just wasn’t busy, and fell right asleep. You see, in

Poem: Someone’s Toes Are in My Nose

by Bruce Lansky Someone’s toes are in my nose; whosever could they be? Since no one else is in my bed they must belong to me! I think I’ve got a problem. I think that they are stuck. There’s nothing

Poem: There Was an Odd Woman

by Bruce Lansky There was an odd woman who lived in a shoe. Which, I think you’ll agree, was a dumb thing to do. Her husband divorced her. Her kids ran away. The shoe smells disgusting. Why on earth did

Poem: My Feet

by Kenn Nesbitt My feet, my feet, I love my feet. I think they’re great, I think they’re neat. They’re pretty, pink, and picturesque. They look so perfect on my desk. Unfortunately, sad to tell, they also have a funny

Poem: Toes in My Nose

by Bruce Lansky I bet that I could do it My friends all said, “No way.” And now my toes are in my nose, so they will have to pay. They each owe me a dollar– of that there is