The Ilizarov technique

The Ponseti method is now the accepted method for treating clubfoot deformity in a newborn. Unfortuanately, this method has only recently been adopted as the stardard treatment and there are a lot of patients who have had surgery to correct their clubfeet or who have experienced a recurrence of the deformity and they are looking for other treatment options. These patients may find that the Ilizarov technique is worth consideration.

The Ilizarov technique has been used in the treatment of complex resistant clubfoot deformities. The Ilizarov technique involves placing tension wires through the bony structures of the clubfoot to realign the joint surfaces and foot anatomy. The Ilizarov external fixator also called the Ilizarov Aparatus is a very powerful tool that may also be used to stabilize fractures, regrow lost bone or correct deformities in the length rotation or angles of bones.

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