Congenital Talipes Equinovarus
Clubfoot Stories

Clubbed but not Beaten

My name is Steve Cox I was born in December 1960 in Perth Western Australia with 2 club feet. My right foot had a 45 degree twist, but the left foot was far worst being completely backwards and upside down.

Struggling adult with Clubfoot

Hi All I just wanted to see if anyone else struggles and what they do. I am 30 years old and was born with clubfoot in both of my feet. I have had numerous operations from been 6 weeks old,

Matthew P’s Club Foot Story

I was born in September of 1987 with severe bilateral clubfoot. When I was born the doctor almost immediately set my feet and put them in cast. As I grew the casts had to be changed out periodically until I

My Clubfoot Journal

July 20, 1998 This was a great day for me was the day I was born. I do not remember much, but from what my mother tells me, it was my first surgery. Not even a day old and were

Clubbed Road

Hiya fella clubbies! My Name is Zayed Rasul, I was born with bilateral clubfeet, and like the rest of you my childhood was spent in casts and braces. The Ponseti method didn’t work for me and being in a third

A Long Time Ago

I’m now 63 and was born with a clubfoot on my right leg and underwent surgery when I was around 7 years old. I have distant memories of a right leg with a heavy plaster cast. After that absolutely nothing

Still kicking

My name is Danny. I was born in 1951 with severe bilateral club foot. Staring very early I had casting and 6 surgeries on my feet. They are shorter than normal and not quite the same size. I wore the

Jessica – Left Club Foot

Hello, I am 28-years-old and I was born with a left club foot. I underwent surgery at 3 months old to allow me to walk. I was able to participate in sports and live pain free until I was seventeen.

Anthony’s club foot story

Hello my name is Anthony and I would like to tell a little bit of my struggle with clubfoot. Before I start I want to say how extremely helpful and thankful it is to see other people’s stories and realize


My name is Rachel and I was born with 2 club feet in 1973. While I don’t remember any of it, I endured multiple surgeries before the age of 2 and learned to walk in braces. My paternal grandmother also

The Sea’s Clubfoot Story and Journey to Elite Competition

Hello Everyone. I am the sea – its a nickname that everyone calls me. I’ll share with you my story (so far) I have just turned 20 years old. I was born with a left club foot and had surgery

Running with Congenital Talipes

Hi – Just a short post from me to give some parent and talipesists a bit of comfort. My name is Mike and am 46 years old. I was born with congenital talipes of the right foot. When I was

Growing up with clubfoot *Kids point of view*

Hey there! My name is Rayna and I was born with congenital clubfoot on both of my feet. I was born in 2001 and I just turned 13 this year. Having my clubfeet hasn’t really affected my life when I

double club feet

I was born in 1955, in Berkeley hospital, Gloucestershire, UK. My mother was distraught at the thought of me having this problem (causing her to have a nervous breakdown). I went through 2 operations(Dillwyn Evans procedure. my claim to fame

Nevaeh’s Clubfoot Story

My daughter, Nevaeh, was born with bilateral clubfoot. When she was born, I didn’t even know what clubfoot was. She was treated using the Ponsetti method. The treatment went so well that she didn’t even need to get the small

Born 1955 with club foot

I was born with both feet pointing downward. My Mom told me that the doctor told her that I would be in a wheelchair until 5 or 6 years old and then get surgery. She found out about a revolutionary

Nick’s Club Feet Story

Hey everybody, obviously by the title you can tell my name is Nick. When I was born I also had two club feet. My feet when I were born were completely turned and it was a shocker that I am

Sydney’s Clubfoot Story

My name is Sydney, and I’m 35 now. I was born with a severe unilateral clubfoot, my left. My mother told me that it was bad enough that the toes of that foot almost touched that knee. My first surgery

Apollonas’s Clubfoot Story

My name is Alexandra and I am Greek. I have a son, Apollonas who was born with his right foot clubbed (equinovarus) and his left foot had the mildest type of talipes, metatarsus varus. We found out about this condition

Victoria’s Clubfoot Story

Hi, I’m Victoria and I’m almost sixteen years old. I’ve recently started looking for stories written by people like me. I find that it helps to know that you’re not the only one, because that’s how it feels sometimes. Knowing