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Please keep in mind that I have no medical training. I’m just a parent of a boy born with bilateral clubfeet.
Bilateral Clubfeet

My eldest son, Evan, was born with bilateral clubfeet and Amniotic Band Syndrome affecting his left hand.  In 1993 the internet was just a baby too.  We didn’t know where to turn for information about his conditions. We made our decisions based on what our Doctors told us. We knew nothing about non-surgical methods of treating clubfeet and as a result Evan had clubfoot surgery. I created this site so others could learn about the Ponseti Method.  I hope this site will help others to find information and support.  » Read Evan’s story.


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This site is not run by an organization or charity. I’m just a parent of a boy born with bilateral clubfeet. Please keep in mind that I have no medical training.

Clubfoot Stories

  • Hope

    Thank you, Ruth, for creating this site. I can see that you have offered a space for so many people to

  • Still fighting

    I was born in 1976 with bilateral club foot, I was able to be “corrected” with casting and braces. And of

  • Clubbed but not Beaten

    My name is Steve Cox I was born in December 1960 in Perth Western Australia with 2 club feet. My right

  • Struggling adult with Clubfoot

    Hi All I just wanted to see if anyone else struggles and what they do. I am 30 years old and



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~ Ruth, Evan's Mom

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